T9 by Bradley Duncan

T9 by Bradley Duncan

A trick/magic app that allows you to perform the routine T9,
You ask a spectator to select or think of a card from an ordinary deck of 52 cards.
You ask them if they have a friend that you can call to help with the trick,
You call the spectators friend and explain to them that you wish for them to merely think of any playing card from a deck of 52 and send it in a text message to their friend.
You end the call, wait a moment for their friend to do as asked and the spectator receives a message on THEIR phone from their friend with the card that matches their own.

Disclaimer: Upon purchasing T9 you get
enough "stuff" to perform the routine
100 times. After which you can purchase
more via in-app purchase for the cost price.

Have fun showing your friends / audience that
you have the ability to create connections between people

"I have no idea how you did that" --Dynamo
"Absolutely Brilliant!" --Stephen Leathwaite
"Best phone effect ever by a mile!" --Aaron Jones

Learn how to perform this amazing routine with live performances and detailed explanation.

This is T9! Enjoy!

Available on the App Store

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